Message from CEO


Michael Parkan

Chief Executive Officer

Epochal Technologies was founded as a data and technology enablement company. Our mission is to empower companies through technology leadership, the democratization of data analytics, and accessibility to talent by removing the barriers – budget, experience, risk, challenging technologies (and too many of them), lack of resources, etc. By removing the barriers, we believe all companies can leverage their data and technology to a significant strategic advantage.

To enable our client’s success, we offer a range of services from strategy to implementation through our C-level technology leadership, data science and analytics, and multi-platform software development solutions.

In our technology leadership group, we align our network of fractional CIO/CTO experts to bring innovative, industry relevant options to our clients most strategic decision points. We use our same C-level consultants to perform IT assessments, assist with M&A activities, create strategic roadmaps, and advise various company boards.

Our data science and analytics teams focus on moving clients through the analytics spectrum, moving from “What has happened?” to “Why did it happen?" to “What will happen?” to “What should I do?”. Oftentimes the first questions to be answered are – do you know where all of your data is and do you trust it?

Our software development teams work together with our leadership and analytics teams or sometimes simply to augment a client’s existing staff with additional skill sets, flexible staffing, and cost savings. Whether on a project or ongoing basis, our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals are experts in various areas of technology and work diligently to develop solutions that meet our clients' unique needs.

We look forward to continuing to work with you and help your business achieve its goals through our technology solutions.