Project vs Team

Project Approach vs. Team Approach – Which is Right For Me?

One of the first decisions behind each outsourced program, initiative or project is the selection of the right model for a particular business need. Is a project-based approach or a team approach better in order to ensure that desired business outcomes are realized?

First, you must understand the differences between each option. In a team scenario, Epochal adds specifically skilled resources to supplement the client’s existing staff and the resources work at the direction of the client. The client is responsible for tasks and deliverables; planning and managing the project; and, ultimately, delivering results.

A project-based approach is more like buying a solution. Epochal becomes responsible for the outsourced project and manages all tasks in the project to meet an agreed upon outcome. We bring all skills that are needed to complete each task in the project to the table and provide the project management expertise needed to run the project. Our clients focus on the final results of the projects.

Both alternatives can be effective, and both have scenarios where they are more appropriate. To help you make the right choice, consider the following key decision areas:

  1. Internal delivery capability
  2. Scope creep / changing requirements
  3. Duration
  4. Support and knowledge transfer
  5. Cost
  6. Control
  7. Dedicated resources vs variable resources
  8. People based (associated with resources and their output) vs delivery based (associated with materials delivered within specified time frames)

Careful consideration of these key criteria will typically point you in the direction of which approach is more applicable to your particular needs. Whether in times of prosperity or recession, a thorough understanding of your options before choosing a direction is smart business that will ensure desired results and save significant dollars. Contact Epochal to learn more about which direction will be the most beneficial for your organization.