Agile Talent Supports an Agile Business

Technology Staffing

Today’s technology leaders need to have access to the right people with the right skills they can deploy when and where they are needed. Epochal represents an incredible resource for quickly bringing additional technical expertise to your team. Our unique augmentation program allows you to respond rapidly to any demand and maintain your competitive advantage without being burdened with an on-going recruiting effort and then the potential need to downsize later.

A dedicated resource (or team) is assembled based on the specific needs of your organization. The team members work only for you, report to your management, and adapt to changing projects and priorities as a regular member your existing team or as a complete team within the company. We allow you to specify the necessary skills of the resources required and the option to personally interview and approve the resources before they are assigned to your team.

Alternatively, it may just be a specific project that you need done. Whether you need to extend your in-house team, build a successful team from scratch, or execute a specific project that needs to be completed, you can do it faster and more effectively through our engagement models.

Engagement Models

Still not sure which model is right for you?

One of the first decisions behind each outsourced program, initiative or project is the selection of the right model for a particular business need. Is a project-based approach or a team approach better in order to ensure that desired business outcomes are realized?