you are sitting on a data gold mine.

Use Data Analytics, AI, and Machine Learning to unleash the power of your data

Business Team using Epochal Technologies services and solutions

What We do

We enable organizations to maximize the potential of their data, decisions, and operations. At the end of our engagements, we leave behind tools and training for our clients to continue using

Our Strengths

Our strengths are vast, but all of them revolve around helping to improve a companys financial results. We do so by using data analytics, AI, and machine learning to increase revenues and reduce costs.

Private Equity

Epochal supplies a web-based machine learning application to assist with suggesting portfolio companies in the deal-sourcing phase and carrying out due diligence afterwards.

Managing Financial Risk

Epochal helps clients—typically banks—to manage regulatory, reputation-related, and financial-related risk by identifying hidden financial crimes

Sales Forecasting

The team of experts at Epochal are experienced at performing a data quality assessment, structuring years worth of data, and putting that data to use in generating sales forecasts

Reducing Churn

Epochal can assess a company’s data in order to reduce churn—thereby increasing revenue and reducing costs

Knowing and Growing Your Customers

Epochal leverages its team of experts to deliver time-sensitive and mission-critical insights needed to know your customers’ demographic—knowledge that the team then uses to attract more customers

Reduce Costs From Excess Waste

Epochal uses advanced algorithms, statistics, and open-source data to reduce waste-percentage for clients—thereby increasing revenues and reducing costs


Epochal can reduce the overall cost of diverse talent acquisition, reduce the time required to achieve diversity goals, and reduce employee turnover by employees who might otherwise feel marginalized due to a lack of diversity

Make Your Critical Business Decisions With Confidence

If you’re a bank, we can reduce losses on your loan portfolio. Let us show you how.

If you’re a private equity firm, let us show you how to accelerate and maximize the value of your exits.

Let us show you how to improve your security and compliance process.

If you’re a business, let us show you how to know your customers.

I’m leveraging my extensive background and experience to build a company that will help you unleash the power of your data, like never before.

Epochal Technologies utilizes artificial intelligence, data analytics, and machine learning to provide an array of products and services. The products and services we are bringing to the market make use of a client’s data to deliver actionable insights—insights that increase revenues and reduce costs.

Epochal technologies is industry agnostic. This is due to the applicability of data analytics, AI, and machine learning across industries. As such, Epochal has had forays into a wide variety of different industries. These engagements serve as case studies that establish the market need for a data analytics company such as Epochal across industries and the strength of Epochal’s products and services in using data analytics to craft actionable insights for its clients.

Curious? Contact me or explore our strengths on our website to learn more about our capabilities!

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